As part of our commitment to offering holistic solutions to our clients, and offering our expertise and service in all facets of our clients’ interactions with the law, we are able to offer a comprehensive service in the important fields of Estate Planning, Administration of Deceased Estates and Trusts.

The preparation of Wills, the formation of Trusts and Estate Planning in general, require specialised skill and insight, which we are proud to offer clients. Keeping abreast of developments in the law, and trends in taxation, is essential in offering a professional service in this field, and at Greeff Attorneys, we are able to offer the expertise clients expect – and need. We develop tailor-made solutions which may involve the formation of Trusts, or the drafting of new, tax-efficient, and legally sound Wills. Giving our clients confidence and peace of mind in this important aspect of their personal planning is our priority.

At Greeff Attorneys, our expertise, and up to date command of the legal and other principles involved, is at the disposal of our clients.

Let us assist you in these complex and demanding – yet inescapable – matters, and let you have the benefit of our client-focused expertise in a field where it is so necessary, and so sought after.

Our holistic estate planning services including:

  • Assessment of the factual matrix of a client’s family and financial priorities and requirements
  • Asset protection
  • Coordination of other professionals, such as accountants and investment managers, regarding estate planning
  • Design of key estate planning proposals to achieve a client’s requirements
  • Drafting of agreements and other documents for estate plans, including cessions, deeds of donation, deeds of sale, trust deeds, wills, and other documents
  • Setting up or revising a business continuity or succession plan
  • Emigration and asset migration
  • Estate duty
  • Estate planning: domestic and international
  • Exchange Control
  • Implementation of estate plans
  • Tax advice (also refer to Tax Law and Planning)
  • Drafting of tailored Antenuptial Contracts
  • Drafting of Cohabitation or Life-Partner Agreements
  • Implementing strategies to ease the administration process of your deceased estate
  • Administration of deceased estates